Intro to Nyssa

Is it Neeeesa? N-eye-sa? N.A.S.A.?

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Technically, it’s pronounced  /ˈnɪsə/ 🔈 (click here)

Phonetically, it’s like the “i” sound in “Mississippi,” which is also where I grew up.

But what’s “in a name”? As a writer + cultural geography instructor + logophile, I love my name, primarily because it holds several different meanings in different languages.

→ In Greek, “Nyssa” means “beginning” or “goal” (which is both ironic + hilarious to me, since I struggle daily to start and achieve nyssas).

→ The Latin (my chosen “foreign language requirement” in high school / college) form means “end.” (does this make me ∞ ??? probably)

→ I’ll never forget meeting my grad school colleague – Kazi – who informed me that in Arabic, my name meant “woman,” probably the best embodiment of my gender-equity-seeking STEMinst form.

→ Can’t forget about the Scandinavian “nymph” or “tree-elf” interpretation, which works with my obsession of all things earth science (and also characterizes my root-like stubbornness + resistance to change ← I’m working on those)

However you pronounce my name, I’m Nyssa Rayne, and it’s nice to meet you!  Feel free to look around my site, read some stories, and leave me feedback! (One day, I’ll finish my nyssa of writing a novel/screenplay, so check back often!)