Fall-ish Friday

Today’s post is brought to you by cooler temperatures, slanty-sunlight, and this poem I wrote back in 2005. Wishing you a weekend full of autumn adventures (and not too much time spent studying). 🍁

Freezing rain drizzles
Into a 2 a.m. dream
Tucked beneath fuzzy flannel.

Wind and sunshine slant
Through ancient, dust-covered blinds:
Morning wake-up call.

Rubbing sleep-filled eyes
And Oreos for breakfast
Shower, make-up, bus.

Leaning on cool glass
Eyes and thoughts wander through lakes
Of golden, crisp leaves.

Yellow, orange, red,
Bright, burning scoops of sherbert
Piled atop bark cones.

Oh, Glorious Fall!
To frolick in deep-set rays
And tumble like leaves.

Hot apple cider
Whispers of Christmas to come
With sweaters and scarves.

But Fall lingers still,
Warmed with bonfires and coffee
To get through the night.

Papers and exams
Flood into Autumn-filled thoughts
Causing a deep scowl

Stumbling off the bus
Pouting footsteps trudge uphill
To the library.

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