Patreon? Like the tequila?

In efforts to pay my rent this month, I’m trying something new!

Have you checked out my Patreon site? (not pronounced like the liquor, I’m told.)

Basically, it’s a site where you (the patron) supports my art – but don’t worry, you’ll GET something original + creative from ME if you donate!

AND ALSO PS: you don’t have to sign up for a monthly donation (even if that’s what the tiers say) – you’ll get the “nyssa-gift” with a one-time $$$ donation! (just make sure you CANCEL the monthly gift after the payment processes).

But what are these “gifts” you might wonder? Here’s a small sampler (with more on the way!)

NOTE: there are limited spots in each “tier” (and some other “big spender” tiers that will get you other super cool Nyssa writings – even have my kid draw you a picture, because I know a BUNCH of ya’ll wanna be that cool Aunt!)

Look for more sweet art + posts + livestream dance videos (probably with kids) on my Patreon site soon!

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