Host an En-ROADS Workshop!

­­­Are you a business owner who wants to know how to take specific steps to reduce your contribution to climate change?

Maybe you’re an educator, looking for a fresh, new way to engage students in STEM?

Or perhaps you’re (just) a concerned citizen, worried about the future of our planet, but feeling powerless to enact “real” change?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above (or even if you didn’t!), consider hosting an En-ROADS workshop!

What’s En-ROADS?

Glad you asked! Check out this short video on Climate Interactive’s new climate change solutions simulator – it’s online, free, grounded in science, and easy-to-use!

Ready to try out the tool? Click the button below! Change any of the variables – related to energy use and efficiency, technology developments, population, and mitigation efforts – and see how climate variables like CO2 content and global temperature are impacted by your changes! (You can even customize the assumptions made by the model!)

Host your own workshop!

When you’ve gotten comfortable with the tool, consider hosting an En-ROADS tool workshop for your business team! We’ve already developed all of the informational materials, graphics, and prompts you’ll need to effectively guide your team towards a better understanding of climate change drivers, and the changes you’ll need to make to lessen your future impact on our global environment. Check out the short video below for an overview of what these workshops entail, and why/how these conversation-based activities can help jump-start your team’s efforts to solve climate change with realistic, grassroots-efforts.

Helpful links for hosting your En-ROADS workshop:

Questions? Feel free to contact me for more information!

Feel free to print/distribute the infographic below!

(See Climate Interactive’s website for even *more* info and tools!)

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