NYC Midnight 100-Word Micro-Story Competition!

It’s been a hot second, what’d I miss? 😂

To take my mind off of *gestures to everything* I signed up for the super-duper-short (no, like shorter than any writing competition I’ve ever signed up for) 100-word microfiction challenge (and almost completely forgot about it until 10:30 PM last night aka 1.5 hours before it was due). BUT HAVE NO FEAR! This competition was short enough for even a MASSIVE spell of procrastination.


Here were my assigned story prompts: 

  • GENRE: Action and/or Adventure
  • WORD: assist   (had to use the word OR an extension of the word but with the same spelling as assigned word)

100 words went fast, but without further ado, here’s:

Zoe vs. Zombies


Zoe swung the rusty pipe against the nail fragment, driving it into the piece of plywood.  She leaned against the broken board, holding it into place across the doorframe as she hammered, and heard Liam in the kitchen – probably rummaging for food.  Rolling her eyes, she took several more swings with her makeshift hammer.

She paused to wipe sweat from her forehead – when suddenly an inhuman limb crashed through the door, claws slashing the air and barely missing Zoe’s forearm.

 Turning to face the kitchen, she screamed: “LIAM, I COULD USE A LITTLE ASSISTANCE IN HERE!”

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