Scientific Publications

As a lifetime student (not even kidding), I’ve had the opportunity to publish a few peer-reviewed, scientific journal articles on topics related to my degree areas (atmospheric science, physical and cultural geography, education…I know, I know, the graduate degrees have gotten out of hand).

While these aren’t exactly easy-reads, the topics are important and, at least in my opinion, interesting, so I’m posting them here in the hopes that some people outside of academia may read and possibly even enjoy them!

Other Academic Websites

Click the image or link below to check out the final website project I developed for my Masters in Education Equity and Diversity.

It includes lots of great information on childcare programs by university + resources for student-parents (including community college parents!)

There’s even a map of university-offered childcare availability, costs, and contact info at top-STEM universities (see below)!

Google Scholar page: